A new breed of security built on bitcoin

Mixing Punch

Like many startups, Punch was a crazy ride. First off, Punch began as a bitcoin exchange. Then we pivoted into a bitcoin wallet. And then finally we pivoted to personal private key storage service and security protocol. As we developed our technology, we found ourselves solving more interesting problems.

With this direction, we enabled users to perform secure actions on other devices, sort of like 2 factor auth, but on sterioids. Users could login, sign up, donate, and send money just by entering a rotating 8 digit code. On top of that, Punch destroyed the need for passwords.

I joined as a co-founder to direct design— to help name, brand, and develop the initial user experience. Although Punch never raised any capital, it was rewarding to design across multiple platforms for simultaneous device interactions, designing for both mobile and desktop in tandem. I also got to flex my prototyping muscles, building iOS interactive prototypes and animations in Keynote and Framer.js