Side hustles, half-baked ideas, and code


Napkin is a Rails app I built to exercise my coding abilities. It was the first solo project I designed, developed, deployed, and marketed entirely on my own. Napkin allows users to share ideas and “want” ideas, sort of like a lightweight Kickstarter. After deploying, I listed Napkin on Product Hunt. Over 1,000 users signed up the first week and over 400 ideas were shared.


I built Arnie with my friend Spencer Fry to help us be more mindful about our eating and drinking. Arnie acts as a personal diet coach, texting you three times a day to ask about your habits. At the end of the week, Arnie sends you a personalized log of your entries. Instant guilt trip.


It’s impossible to get a reservation at Sushi Nakazawa. So, I built a small Node.js app Twitter bot to watch OpenTable’s listing for Nakazawa. If a new reservation comes up, Nowkazawa tweets out the time and a URL for followers to bite.


I founded New York Product Designers with Allan Yu back in 2011 as a side project with the intentions of learning how to code. NYPD now exists as a private Slack channel with product designers from all over New York City. We’ve also thrown an IRL meet-up and hope to do more in the future.

Emoji Weather

I helped build this weather service with my friend Moudy. It was a direct response to Poncho’s lengthy morning texts. We felt a missed opportunity and improved on theirs by distilling the information down to the essentials, and adding an emoji to reflect the conditions.